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Immersive Spa Menu

Delight in our customizable treatment options, where you get to choose your sensory experience. Our team is so excited to pamper you! This menu is designed to be individualized to you and your hair needs. 

First choose the treatment that best suited for your hair needs, second choose your scent profile and third choose your perk (extended massage, bubbly rinse, hand massage or hand scrub).

Our Deluxe Treatment


Awapuhi Wild Ginger Kera-HydraTriplex

Give your hair strength and moisture when you combine Kera-Triplex and Hydra-Triplex treatments. Receive all the benefits and leave with softer , stronger hair.


Our Focus Treatment Options

Awapuhi KeraTriplex 

Repair chemical and hot tool damage with the Awapuhi Kera-triplex. Revives and rebuilds broken strands by working from the inside out. Reduces breakage by 80%, reduces color fading by 67% and increases shine by 35%.


Awapuhi HydraTriplex Treatment

Revives dry, frizzy hair with nourishing amino acids and vegetable proteins. The Hydra-triplex treatment hydrates parched strands and leaves them soft and manageable.



Our Signature Treatment Options


Tea Tree Lavender Mint Mask 

Natural french clay with nourishing, restorative minerals to help strengthen and hydrate your dry, damaged hair. 

Tea Tree Foaming Salt Scrub

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Gloss Treatment

Awapuhi Intensive Treatment 

Get the the core of dry damaged hair. Awapuhi extract replenishes every strand with intense moisture and shine. Keri-triplex, an exclusive blend of keratin protein, rebuilds and repairs to transform lackluster hair.


Tea 3 Experience 


*Guys Favorite

We've done the work for you; this one includes our signature tea tree scent paired with the exfoliating Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment followed by a relaxing hot face towel.

Hair and scalp issues need immediate intervention. Get help with a tingly dose of strengthening conditioners and skin refining agents. The non-medical formula and stimulating fragrance of tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender protects, moisturizes and invigorates troubled hair.


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