Important information and guidelines for our guests:

•If you have been recently sick or have symptoms of illness, please do not come in (call us and reschedule your appointment)

•Face coverings are required at all times for guest and team. Please bring your own behind the ear mask, or we have disposables for $1 each (guest receiving color services will be provided with a disposable mask at no charge).

•Only scheduled guests are allowed at the appointment (please do not bring your children, pets or anyone else with you)

•One caregiver is allowed to accompanying a guest if needed (elders/children with appointments may have their caretaker with them)

•Please arrive on time for you appointment

•We ask guests as they arrive for their appointment to wait in their vehicles, we will have a sign on the window to call  the salon when you arrive and we will let you know when to come inside (we are doing this to stagger guests arrivals so everyone doesn’t walk in/out the door at once and we have a clean station ready for you)

•A hand washing station and hand sanitizer is available for your use when you arrive and anytime needed

•6-ft social distancing will be maintained where necessary

•Beverage bar is discontinued at this time

•Please no talking in the wash house during shampoos as it will be hard to properly wear a mask

•Phones need to be silenced in the wash house

We can’t thank you enough for all your patients, understanding, loyalty and support during this time.